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More Business Services

Company Bank Account Opening

We assist our clients with opening bank accounts for their business

Company Tax Returns

Annual return
Act 217. (1) Subject to subsection (3) every company shall atleast once in every year deliver to the Registrar an annual return.
(2) Subject to subsection (3) the annual return shall be completed within 28 days from the date of annual meeting of the company.

Company Tax Registration

1. Accounting, Taxation & Business Consultants

We are a full service accounting firm providing services to personal and corporate clients. We do also offer comprehensively prepared corporate returns for Botswana corporations. On the business side, companybw.com provides consulting services for clients of all business sizes.
Our consulting services include the following area's:
Personnel. From hiring to company procedures, many of our business clients use us as their outsourced personnel department.
Budgeting and Business Planning. From developing a first year budget to planning for business expansion, we can ensure your business meets it's goals.

2. Tax Clearance

In order to be able to participate in tendering for Botswana State funded projects one is required to be upto date with Tax, and should provide proof in form of Tax Certificate. companybw.com will assist your organisation through the required procedures to acquire such.

3. VAT Audit
We have Chartered Accountants who are in a position to conduct Audit of your VAT Returns and other taxation issues in compliance with the Tax Act.