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How to make Purpose and Profit work together

The New Standard for Sustainable Investing

An Active Investment Operating Model for Long-Term Sustainable Value Creation
The Challenge


In the day after tomorrow, investors  expect companies to manage complexity, create long-term value and have a purpose that contributes to a better society and environment people live in.


 The challenge is how to make purpose and profit work together to meet the expectation of tomorrow: a sustainable and inclusive economy.


Purpose-Driven Companies


Investors in purpose-driven companies want to know the following:


Is the company capable of adding value over the long-term?

Can the company business model be adapted to a sustainable model?

Is management capable of utilizing the value drivers in a changing environment?

Are resources allocated in the right way to create long-term value?


The Operating Model

The model is based on system science and designs forward-looking KPIs and scorecards that can predict if a company can adapt to long-term value creation and can contribute to better ESG factors and a corporate world of tomorrow or if it is drifting towards failure.

A new generation model with a focus on long-term sustainable value creation and dynamic resource allocation that helps investors to identify and operate purpose-driven companies.