Viability drives Purpose and Investment Returns in  Times of Constant Change

The New Standard for Sustainable Investing

A Model for integrating Long-Term Sustainable Value Creation
into Active Investment Processes and Reducing ESG risks in Strategies
The Challenge


In the day after tomorrow, investors  expect companies to manage complexity and constant change, create long-term value and have a purpose that contributes to a better society and environment people live in.


 The challenge is how to make purpose and profit work together to meet the expectation of tomorrow: a sustainable and inclusive economy.

Expectations are rapidly changing and will require for most companies a significant change in their business models. 


The Viability


Investors in companies and their management want to know the following:


Is the company capable of adding value over the long-term?

Can the company business model be adapted to a sustainable model?

Is management capable of utilizing the value drivers in a changing environment?

Are resources allocated in the right way to create long-term value?


The Operating Model

The model is based on system science and designs forward-looking KPIs and scorecards that can predict if a company can adapt to long-term value creation and can contribute to better ESG factors or if it is drifting towards failure.

A new generation model with a focus on long-term sustainable value creation and dynamic resource allocation that helps investors to identify, build and operate more resilient portfolios with more stable and higher long-term results and will help companies with the transformative change that is required to meet the expectations of tomorrow.



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