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Dynamic Resource Allocation and

Purpose Explained

  1. In the day after tomorrow, a company has to know and understand its purpose;

  2. It needs to allocate and re-allocate resources in a way that is consistent with its purpose;

  3. Organizations are complex, adaptive systems existing in constantly-changing internal and external environment;

  4. Therefore, dynamic resource allocation is required to response to change;

  5. We need to understand the governance, financial and market potential of an organization, because these are the essential elements of what a company comprises, and this goes further than simply the financial performance indicators like the assets and liabilities on the balance sheet;

  6. The condition of the potentials (as a system) will determine the viability of the entity relative to its purpose, the trends (how it adapts), and what change to resource allocation is needed to create long-term value creation;

  7. Our combined algorithmic and heuristic model can help organisations to understand its viability status, how it is evolving, what changes are needed, etc, all of which will dictate how well it is fulfilling its purpose and therefore whether it will be successful in the long-term;

  8. The analysis of the outcome of the model will also provide the framework to direct changes that need to be made to have the best possibility to achieve its purpose.